Amazon Prime: The When’s and When Not’s

If you are by now (We hope), a loyal Amazon customer, getting your biltong directly from them, you may have heard of prime? Well, this article explains a bit about it, but, ion a nutshell… you will get your return very quickly, as The Biltong Man’s products are ALL prime legible, meaning Unlimited One-Day Delivery!

Unlimited One-Day Delivery with Amazon Prime

When you want it, when you need it

Unlimited One-Day Delivery with Amazon Prime

Need a last minute gift? Can’t get out of the house? Realise you forgot to pick up something? With Unlimited One-Day Delivery from Amazon Prime, your shopping problems are solved.

NEW! Prime members also get Same-Day Delivery on a million items in select residential postcodes throughout Greater London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol and more.

Prime Video

Unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows

Prime Video is available to watch instantly on the Fire TV Stick, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, mobile phones, laptops and other streaming devices. Watch Amazon Original series like Man in the High Castle, Bosch or Emmy-award winning Transparent, and also exclusive series like Mr. Robot, Vikings, Outlander or Ripper Street.
NEW! You can also download your favourite Prime videos on your mobile or tablet to watch on the go, no Wi-Fi needed.

Prime Music

Over a million songs and hundreds of playlists

Prime Music gives you ad-free albums, playlists and stations. Listen to the music you love and find new music that fits your tastes.

Save it once. See it everywhere.

Secure unlimited photo storage

With Prime Photos your cherished memories are safe in Amazon Cloud Drive and accessible anywhere you are. It’s like having a virtual album of every one of your photos that you can access at any time, no matter which device you use.

A collection beyond compare

A Prime membership includes over 500,000 ebooks at no additional cost

Enter the hallowed halls and stocked shelves of the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, where over 500,000 books are ready to be checked out. Fiction or non-fiction, best sellers or lost classics. Borrow one book a month, with no due date. Discover your next favourite book and your next one and your next one.

Get Early Access

30-minute early access to Lightning Deals

Prime members can now enjoy exclusive early access to deals on With your Prime membership, you get access to Amazon Lightning Deals 30 minutes before other customers. You’ll be the first to find the best deals every day.

Important! Look for Look for the Prime logo!

Prime eligible items, videos, and Kindle books are clearly marked. Just look for the Prime logo when you shop.

Biltong: Much More Than Just a Snack

Article excerpt

I was at a party when I first encountered biltong. It was in a pretty little bowl next to the crudites and brie wheel, brownish slivers of dried meat with spices stuck to the edges. I was new to the country, so was curious about these chewy, salty morsels placed so proudly on the table.

“Is that a type of beef jerky?” I asked my friend, another American, as I pointed.

She started laughing.

“Oh, my goodness, don’t ever say that to a South African,” she exclaimed. Then she lowered her voice. “It’s biltong. They take it very seriously.”

After I had lived here awhile, I started to understand.

Biltong, you see, is much more than a food. It is history and nationalism and neighborhood pride; the quiet of safari game drives and the chaos of South Africa’s cities; the memories of refrigeratorless villages and the nostalgia of long-ago braais, or barbecues. When South African expatriates dream of their sunny home, the salty, smoky taste of biltong creeps onto their tongues.

“Biltong is this unifying thing among South Africans,” says Caroline McCann, owner of Braeside Meat Market in Johannesburg. “You go anywhere in the world and say, ‘I’ve got biltong,’ and you’ll get 10 South Africans running toward you.”

To equate it with a Slim Jim, then, is blasphemous.

The word “biltong” is a combination of the Afrikaans words bil (rump) and tong (tongue or strip). According to legend, the Voortrekkers of the mid-1800s – those Afrikaners who left farms in the British-controlled Cape Colony to find new land in Zulu- controlled areas – tied strips of meat on their ox carts as they made their way across the subcontinent. They cured those slabs with vinegar, abundant in the wine-producing Cape region.

But biltong is not just an Afrikaans food. Many black villages in rural South Africa make their own biltong – it is a way to keep meat fresh without refrigeration. In the townships, some people fry biltong and add it to the tomato dressing traditionally served over pap, the maize porridge that is South Africa’s staple starch. In urban Johannesburg and Cape Town, it is served in the top restaurants. Today there is even biltong pate and biltong cheese spread.

I have become increasingly familiar with biltong. It is sold in grocery stores and butcheries, at roadside stands and specialty shops. In Johannesburg’s malls, there are even biltong stores next to trendy clothing stores.

I have ordered biltong in salads, where the dried meat was mixed with baby greens, roasted butternut squash, and goat cheese. I have tasted it in pastas with sun-dried tomatoes. I have eaten it plain on camping trips. When I went to Kruger National Park on safari, our game ranger served it in a bowl next to dried mangoes, placed on a crisp white tablecloth. …

by Stephanie Hanes Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

Ben Coomber : About the Man

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I hope you find what you are looking for, and some cool stuff you weren’t. I am a true geek at heart for everything nutrition, health and human performance. This all stems from my personal journey into the fitness industry. I was once 16 stone and obese, and then found a path to skinny but still fat looking, which culminated in finding my ultimate path to athleticism and optimal performance. I find the best coaches and educators have truly been through it all themselves, I certainly have.

These days I spend most of my time touring the world delivering seminars, coaching a small handful of clients on and offline, teaching personal trainers advanced learning through the Body Type Nutrition Academy, and running both Ditch the Diet and my new sports nutrition company Transdermal Technology. Of course I do all this while trying to regularly put out as much valuable information as possible through my free podcast on iTunes, via blogs, writing for magazines, my YouTube channel and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, oh and while keeping in awesome shape myself.

Health is a massive journey for us all. I am still learning and developing, hopefully so are you. Feel free to follow me, get in touch, geek out on the social networks and check out the rest of the site…

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Ben Coomber : 5 Reasons you should eat PROTEIN…

1. It builds and repairs everything in your body. Not just muscles, all cellular tissues. So yeah, it’s really important.

2. It supports your muscle mass, which in part supports your metabolism, so yes even you ladies need adequate protein in your diet. It won’t make you big, it will make you awesome!

3. It keeps you fuller for longer. An issue many have with being on a diet, or trying to lose fat is staying full and not getting hungry, pimp all your main meals with a good serving of protein.

4. It’s probably the one thing diet systems, personal trainers, and nutritionist all agree on, a moderate to high protein diet works for health, fat loss and overall body composition. Thank god we agree on that one!

5. Protein supports your immune system in a variety of ways. Low immunity is something many suffer from and something I see as highly correlative in people that don’t eat enough protein, consistently in most meals.

The government recommends 0.8g per Kg, I would double this as a starting point for most people looking at optimal health & performance.