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Droewors (Traditional)

The Biltong Man Droëwors range has taken its first step with the launch of our South African Traditional Droëwors flavour infused with a blend of traditional spices & healthy fats.

Droëwors is a Traditional South African dried beef sausage, based on the original, coriander-seed spiced beef sausage and eaten as tasty nutritious snack. Droëwors is popular with all age groups and fitness enthusiasts due to its high protein, natural Creatine and healthy fat content.

Droewors (Chilli Garlic)

If you love your Droëwors with a hint of heat and a touch of garlic, then The Biltong Man's newest flavour Chili Garlic is the one for you!

If it doesn't say "The Biltong Man's Droëwors" then it's NOT "The Biltong Man's Droëwors"! Remember "Respect The Beef.... Respect the Sausage!"


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Homestyle Droewors

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200g - £6.65

500g - £16.49

1KG - £25.99