Our delicious Biltong is made here in the UK using a secret family recipe, handed down through generations. Equally important, our Biltong is made from the best cuts of highest quality silverside beef, sourced from grass fed herds and infused with a blend of authentic spices from our homeland South Africa.




Biltong & Droëwors Combo



Start as you mean to go on..

I grew up in Africa connected to where our food came from and when I started The Biltong Man I made it a principle of the business to always choose the best beef that is fully traceable and from 100% grass fed cattle.

I think UK beef is some of the very best in the world and adds something special to our Biltong.

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The secret to our great taste

There isn’t actually any great secret in creating amazing flavours, it’s pretty simple; choose the best quality ingredients sourced from South Africa and take the time, care and passion to prepare our mouth-watering Biltong. The spice blends are however a well-kept secret, a mix of family recipes handed down from one generation to the next and new specially created limited edition flavours from our very own kitchen. 


Quality can't be rushed

After the selected spice blend has been gently massaged into the strips of silverside beef, we allow time for the spices and the beef to infuse with all of those amazing flavours. Mastering the art of making Africa’s Finest, takes time, passion and skill to  cure the Perfect stick of Biltong! We don’t believe in rushing something so special, every step should be savoured and never rushed, making the way you eat it, with love!