Dropshipping Our Products

We now offer a dropshipping service for trade customers. This is a great system, whereby you need never stock our products, which is ideal if you wish to sell our products online, either from your own website, Amazon, Ebay etc.

When you sell an item, simply log in to our specific dropshipping website, enter the order details and pay via PayPal, and we shall ship the item directly to your client. Other than The Biltong Man product packaging, there is no indication that the product has been shipped to the customer directly from us.

We do not charge for setting up a dropshipping account and there are no minimum levels that you need to achieve or order. Discounts for dropshipping are in the region of 17% off retail prices and you may charge whatever you wish for the products. As a verified reseller of our products, you may use our imagery only for the sale and promotion of our products.

However, to apply for a dropshipping account, please complete the application from below. We usually review these within 2 working days and will email you your dropshipping account details.