A High in Protein, ready to eat Snack!

It is the ideal protein boosting snack for all sports enthusiasts alike, from gym to cyclists, walkers to football players. If you are on the Atkins diet, this is certainly the midday option for a low calorie snack. It’s perfect to put in your children’s lunch boxes for school or just to nibble on family outings. Biltong is extremely “moreish and addictive” and enjoyed socially by family and friends at every occasion whether it’s round the barbeque in summer or watching the footie and rugby with friends over a few pints. 

It’s a delicious mouth-watering snack that will definitely have you coming back for more.

                       Biltong is the perfect snack for… 

  • A low carb, low fat & high protein diet! 
  • Athletes, sports enthusiasts and body builders 
  • All outdoor pursuits including camping, fishing, hiking, cycling, climbing and many more 
  • The Armed Forces 
  • Diabetics 
  • Lunch boxes As a Tasty Treat 
  • Biltong is also a fantastic healthy snack for kids.

Biltong is now the snack of choice for rugby players “Leigh Hinton, Big Red Sports Management” 

Very few products are high in both protein and creatine, however due to our slow curing process our Biltong naturally retains these vital elements. Biltong can aid in training, particularly as a strength training supplement.

Increased creatine intake will allow the user to experience more energy for long, high-intensity workouts and facilitate the recovery process. Every time you perform any type of intense exercise (e.g. weight training, running, boxing) your body uses creatine to provide your muscles with energy.

Research has shown that creatine is ideal for sports that require short bursts of strength and energy. 

Our Biltong range does contain potassium sorbate, but at less than 1 gram per 1000g of Biltong it is “AS LOW AS WE CAN GO”! Potassium Sorbate is also found naturally occurring in many herbs and spices and food stuffs! This helps keep the Biltong fresher for longer.

Premium Range – Packed with Protein & Creatine

Typical Values Per 100 g 

Energy 1176 KJ 

Calories 279 kcal 

Protein 53.9 g 

Creatine 1.3 g 

Carbohydrates 2.6 g 

Fat 6.2 g of which saturates 2.08 g 

Sodium 1.82 g 

Sugar 1.0 g 


Luxury Aberdeen Angus Range/Gluten Free Biltong

Typical Values Per 100 g 

Energy 1050 KJ 

Calories 248 kcal 

Protein 47.80 g 

Carbohydrates 8.4 g 

Fat 2.6 g 

Saturated Fat 0.96 g 

Sugar 0.6 g 

Sodium 3.59 g