About The Biltong Man

I was Born in South Africa, where my family has been farming since the 1800s. Charles Crookes with his brother Samuel were the first of our family to come to South Africa, setting sail from Liverpool, England in the summer of 1860 on a ship named the “Rydal”.

My wife (Terri) and I moved to Weardale from South Africa, Natal in 2001 and have always had a passion for sharing it’s traditions and amazing flavours with our new home here in the UK.

I come from a family steeped in a history of South African farming. From the late 1800’s my family have built up businesses across the agricultural sector. Over the last 150years we’ve learned to farm a diverse range, from sugar cane to crocodiles or citrus to beef and apples to wheat, growing and rearing the foods and flavours that have shaped South Africa.

So with farming and food within my families DNA, especially when it comes to the flavours of South African it was only natural that when we came to the UK we wanted to share and continue that tradition.