Respecting the Beef, for the Biltong Man begins with respecting the land, respecting the animals that share this planet with us and ensuring that their welfare is kept to the highest of standards. We only buy the best cuts of silverside beef from grass fed herds.

Even though our roots stem from Africa, we are proud to be here in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the Biltong Man’s journey. Core to the Biltong Man’s values is that we believe in buying ethically sourced beef, fully traceable to each and every farm where the cattle are raised.

“We have created our delicious biltong recipes with much passion & care, further complementing our ancestor’s recipes, to capture mouth-watering flavours” 

Our tasty Biltong is made using state of the art curing ovens and we exceed Health and Safety Standards whilst safeguarding the flavour and tradition of homemade Biltong.

It takes us approximately 2.3 kilograms of Britain’s finest beef to produce 1 kilogram of The Biltong Man’s BEST. Our cuts of silverside beef are infused with salt, black pepper, coriander, celery, chilli, garlic, ground cloves and malt vinegar, and of course a touch of The Biltong Man’s Magic! 

“We only use the Finest cuts of silverside Beef , infused with the splendor of South African Soul and authentic spices.”